15 Body Parts for Girls to Get Tattoos


Many girls have tattoo dreams and hope to have a unique logo of their own. It seems painful to get a large-scale tattoo. So many girls don’t want to have a try. It is popular to choose a delicate and simple small tattoo.
I will recommend 15 great body parts for girls to get tattoos and suitable for getting some small and fantasy tattoos, which make your body beautiful and super sexy.
No.1 Neck
The neck is the most conspicuous body part in all positions for a tattoo, so the patterns and sentences on this part should be extraordinarily cautious. And some soft lines and classical flowers will be more appropriate.
No.2 Back
The girl with short hair or girls who like the ponytail can get a tattoo here, which will give others light and lively impression. And some interesting patterns are suitable for this part. It is enough to write a letter.
No.3 Ribs
The ribs are usually not exposed, and once exposed, It will be very sexy.rib_tattoo_for_girl
No.4 spine
Because of the particularity of the spine, the tattoo is sexy and unobtrusive here.
No.5 collarbone
If the upper body is very thin and the collarbone is more prominent, then this will be a good place for you to tattoo, and the single or dense patterns look good.bird_tattoo_for_women
No.6 Around the ear
If you like a ponytail, then it is best to have a tattoo behind the ear. It is more creative to combine the inner side of the auricle with the ear hole.Ear_tattoo_for_girls
No.7 Outside of the arm
The simple lines are very versatile here, and even if you don’t wear any jewelry, it is attractive to expose your upper arm.
No.8 Outside of the arm
Choose a long pattern or a classic English font, tattooed on the outside of the arm, making girls more feminine.Forearm_tattoo_for_girlsforearm_tattoo_for_girl
No.9 Elbow
Elbows and backs will cause curiosity.

No.10 Wrist
Simple geometry or barcodes are the best for this part, with a cool sense of coolness.wrist_tattoo_for_girlworld_map_tattoo_for_girls
No.11 The place between thumb and index;fingers
The place between thumb and index is very clever, the lines are connected together to form a circular pattern. You can choose some lace line stripes in this position. You can also choose cute small patterns inside and outside your fingers, which is very popular.finger_tattoo_for_girlsfinger_tattoo_for_girl
No.12  Hip
When wearing low-waist pants, it is very sexy and more swaying to expose a tattoo located here.
No.13 Thigh
You can choose a circle of letters, or lace and ribbon pattern, whose effect will be very good, with a little sexy in the playful. If you write poetry, the process of reading itself is very sensational!

No.14 Ankle
Many girls will choose to tattoo at the ankle, which is small and inconspicuous. If the pattern around a circle the ankle, it can also be a decoration like Anklet.
No.15 Foot surface
The feet or toes are not obvious positions, there are almost no chances to be exposed except for summer. Only the most familiar people can see it.foot_tattoo_for_girl


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