15 Irresistible Sexy Breast Tattoos for Women


Many women would like to get a tattoo near their breasts. A beautiful tattoo decorates their body and makes them sexy and charming. Today I will share 15 sexy women breast tattoos.
1. Simple lines

Some people like large-scale tattoos, others prefer small ones, each person’s preferences are different, and the choices are different. No matter it is a memorial to a loved one or a small sentence, everyone is proud of their tattoo. Generally, girls will look for a more cautious part to place their tattoos. For example, the outer breast–near ribs.
2. This fashion has risen year after year 
Tattoos that are designed along your chest allow you to cover them by clothes easily when you don’t want them to be exposed. You can cover your tattoo or reveal it. The details are key. The tattoo that the mermaid sitting on the moon is absolutely fascinating!
3. Some people use intricate lines to make generous design
This mandala tattoo deals with details very well. These lines are solid and the position where it is located makes it even more charming. The artist did not use shadows, but used dots to express the shadow!
4. The small accent made an important statement
Have you seen a more cute tattoo than this little hummingbird? If you don’t plan to make a big tattoo, then getting a cute and deep meaningful artwork is a perfect choice. In addition: when you wear some kind of sexy clothes, it looks great.
5. Tattoo under the breast
This elegant floral piece extends into her chest and is a very daring tattoo. The purple splash makes these flowers even more compelling.
6. Black and white
Not every floral-themed tattoo needs a glimpse of color to make it memorable. For this tattoo, the flower and leaves’shadows flow down the skin, making the color irrelevant. This smooth body art is exquisite and “fierce”!
7. Tattoos near rib can wrap your entire body
This floral pattern extends almost to her back, and these two lonely flowers can start on the back. Like the flowers in the garden, this tattoo can continue to be added. Just don’t forget to keep your skin hydrated and let your artwork live longer.
8. Meaningful reminders have an impact
Close to your heart, the words “Love yourself first” look perfect, using a simple script font. Show off your favorite words that are full of wisdom on the back, depending on what inspiring quotes that you see and speak to your soul!
9. Minimalist wave
With just a few simple lines, this tattoo can scream “surf”. Keeping the beach doesn’t consume too much ink, this tattoo fits any swimwear!
10. This abstract design is incredible
No one has said that your breast tattoos must have any unique ideas or themes. The lines of this tattoo look like free graffiti, which gives it a mysterious character. Draw your own designs to make your body art more unique!
11. This mermaid follows her chest curve
You can use your body’s curves to create your own masterpieces. This swimming mermaid has a gorgeous color, flowing hair, she is perfectly integrated into the girl’s body.
12. Demonstrate extreme freedom and ambition
This bird is far from subtle, giving wings to your creation when choosing the latest tattoo design. This tattoo even highlights the tiniest details on the bird’s face and brings it to the top of the tattoo food chain!
13. Close to nature
No matter you like bamboo, succulents or palm trees, you can put a piece of nature permanently around you. This is a great way to enjoy your favorite green plants. This bamboo tattoo does not even need color, details, and shadows are enough to show that it is rooted in the right place.
14. The geometry looks super clean
The position and shadow of this tattoo are fascinating. It fits perfectly around her, and symmetry only makes it more attractive. Shape-centered tattoos will definitely bring some shape to your body.
15. Tattoos near ribs decorate breasts
This tattoo decorates your breast shape well, no matter you want to show it or keep a low profile, the breast side is definitely the perfect place to place your body art!

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