Did you take well care of your tattoo?


In addition to the beauty and commemoration of tattoos, the “permanence” of tattoos is also fascinating. Recently, many friends vomited: just one or two years later, the tattoo looks disgraced and faded. I once shared 6 tips for tattoo aftercare in my previous blog.

Of course, how much a tattoo fades depends on how much time is spent maintaining it. If you also want to avoid various problems, you may wish to collect this blog “Tattoo aftercare Secret” to make your tattoo as bright and beautiful as possible.

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As the tattoo stays on your body longer and longer, which will cause a certain degree of fading. In addition to the objective reasons at the time of getting it,  there will be discoloration and fading due to sun exposure, pollution, metabolism, and other factors.


Next, let ’s take a look at what happens to tattoos if they are not well maintained.

This is not a bad one …

faded tattoo

Did you go to the construction site to move the bricks and work in the sun in these years?

fading tattoos

No matter how beautiful the tattoos were, it’s hard to escape fading.

faded tattoos

The fading of the chest and back tattoo will be relatively slow.

Of course, it also depends on the skill level of the tattooist.

This faded tattoo looks overexposed.

Faded tattoos

The finger tattoos are also easy to fade,

After a few months, the color almost disappeared.

Faded finger tattoos

When tattooing, these factors may result in tattoo fading in the future.

1. The tattoo skills of the tattoo artist

A professional tattoo artist can properly handle the needle depth.

A tattoo artist who uses a deep skin layer puncture method, the needle is deeper when it is inserted, about 1mm-4mm deep, and the color will be delivered into the deep skin layer as much as possible. In this way, the color will be very thick, but the skin has to withstand deeper and larger damage so that scabs will form on the wound later.


The penetration depth of the superficial skin layer is almost below 3mm, and only a thin layer of skin will be taken off when the wound is healed, and the skin damage is less. This kind of piercing method of the superficial skin layer is usually applied to single black works because black itself has the darkest advantage.

black and gray tattoo

Of course, penetrating too deep will cause skin damage, and will also produce scars.

faded tattoo

2. Tattoo ink quality

Excellent tattoo colors are of course used professionally in the human body, without harmful ingredients, and the metal content does not exceed the standard. The safety of colorants such as bacterial content and label text specifications, the effect of tattoos is naturally clear.

The poor quality pigments contain additives that are harmful to the human body, will cause rejection and allergic reactions to the human body and are very harmful to the body. Even after a tattoo, a rash will appear again and again.

tattoo ink

In addition to coloring the skin, tattoos are not completely harmless, and some people will still have some skin symptoms. Different colors of pros and cons will have a great impact on the tattoo effect and health.


How to prevent fading after tattooing:

1. Do not keep the plastic wrap on your body too long

After tattooing, the tattoo artist will put a plastic wrap on the tattooed area to protect it. The intention is to prevent the wound from contacting the dirt and to heal quickly. After tearing off, use a mild cleaning product to wash.

Note that it is not a good thing to keep it for too long, usually, it should be about 3-4 hours. In summer, the skin is sweating, and covering with plastic wrap for too long can also cause infection.

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2. Take care of your fingers

No matter how itchy it is, don’t grab your tattoo. Because once it is grabbed, it will buckle off the tattoo and cause discoloration, or cause permanent scars.

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3. Avoid bathing

It’s a normal cleaning measure to wash the tattoo in the shower, but it is not allowed to take a bath. The bath will make the skin of the tattoo area difficult to breathe, which is not conducive to recovery after the tattoo.

The same goes for the sauna. The rubbing towel is not touchable. Otherwise, it will aggravate the skin damage at the tattoo area and cause the tissue fluid under the skin to overflow, which may cause bacterial infection.

snake tattoo

4. Avoid sunlight

Before the wound is healed, it is absolutely necessary to avoid sun exposure, because strong ultraviolet light will cause the pattern to fade. The ultraviolet rays in the sun are very strong, and even if your tattoo is healed, after the direct sunlight, it will look old and the tattoos will fade!

Pay attention to applying sunscreen to the skin when exposed to ultraviolet rays. At least a sunscreen with SPF30  is required to maximize the chance of avoiding tattoo discoloration.

Flower tattoo for woman

5. tattoo areas

In the tattoo industry, there are several recognized faded parts. For example fingers, palms, underarms, etc. It is not difficult to find that these parts have some things in common: in addition to a faster metabolism, friction often occurs.

hand tattoo

6. Apply moisturizer too often

Even though the tattoo is completely healed, the maintenance is also very important. You can buy some mild moisturizing moisturizer and apply it to the tattoo area after the bath. In fact, the tattoo aftercare process is similar to skincare in normal days.

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If you want to have a long-lasting, perfect, and non-fading tattoo, tattoo aftercare is essential.

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tattoo tipsInformation supplement:

Green soap: It is a mild liquid soap. It is commonly used in tattoos to clean the blood and protein left.

Just like falling in love, how much you give to him/her, he/she will give you back with equal appearance. So don’t complain the process is too cumbersome in daily time if you don’t want to suffer from pain again to complement the color.

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