Justin Bieber and his new tattoo

Justin Bieber

Just a few days ago, I heard a shocking news

#Justin Bieber suffers from Lyme disease #

Justin Bieber

Mention of Justin Bieber, our first impression

It is that he is a healthy and handsome boy

Since 《Baby》 went viral all over the world ten years ago

Justin Bieber has entered the ranks of well-known artists at a young age

Since then, his career has been moving steadily

justin bieber

On the 8th, Justin Bieber posted on social media that he suffered from Lyme disease.

Not only that but also severe chronic monocyte disease

He said that his illness has never been known to outsiders

But recently, the disease has severely affected his skin, mind and entire mental state

So Bieber thought it necessary to make the secret public

Justin Bieber

In addition, Bieber also revealed

He has been receiving treatment for several years

The treatment process is difficult

In his own words, it was “tormenting”

But the treatment is generally smooth.

Seems to have no serious consequences

So he has also stated

He will “return in better condition”.


Although I’m not his fan

But heard the news

Can’t help worrying about him

Justin Bieber

Many people like me

It’s the first time heard “Lyme disease”

So what exactly is Lyme disease?

I googled this specifically


Lyme disease (LD) is an infection caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a zoonotic disease of natural epidemic origin, the main route of transmission is tick bites and blood sucking, so this disease is more common in spring and summer

Lyme disease

Avril Lavigne once said: I have a tattoo, I smoke, I drink, I speak the foul language, but I know I’m a good girl. also suffered from Lyme disease

When learned that Bieber also had the disease

Also wrote to support Bieber:

Avril Lavigne insAvril Lavigne insAvril Lavigne ins

From what Bieber posted

He has been receiving treatment for several years

That he has been ill for some time

Before the public announced that they were ill

I also saw the media broadcast online

He has new tattoo news

Now thinking about it, he is really trying to do what he likes while fighting the disease

justin bieber new song

The new tattoo is the swallow around the neck

In Western Sailor Tattoo Culture

Every 5,000 nautical miles sailors go

You will get a new “swallow tattoo”

Is about 5,754 miles, which is roughly equivalent to

Distance between New York and Tel Aviv

The circumference of the earth is 21639 nautical miles

Only 4.16 sparrows


And swallows also mean to return

One is because swallows migrate

Another is if the sailor dies at sea

Birds can bring soul to heaven


Actually, as I understand it

That should mean to fight against the sick

And defeat the sick

This also shows that he will

“Back in better condition” fits

swallow tattoo

Regardless of my understanding of Bo Yanzi’s tattoo is different from his own willingness to tattoo

I think Bieber is a strong person

After all, in the torment of illness, there is still energy to devote to tattoos

It’s really admirable enough

Justin Bieber

Having said that, I want to say one more thing

Tattoos, not behemoths

It has experienced the baptism of time

Has become a faith, a power

Let those in darkness find the light

Let the astray find the right way

Many people in this world are watching

Only those who truly empathize with Bieber

Except for Avril, who also has this disease

I just have a tattoo.

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