Lil Peep, a 21-year-old Emo star, is a tattoo maniac

 Lil Peep

Lil Peep, whose original name was Gustav Elijah Ahr, an American rapper, and he was known as the leading figure in the emo music world in mid-late 2010.

He integrated the elements of emo and Pop Punk into rap music, bringing a new style to rap music-very dreamy and popular retro emo.

We like him because of his music and know him deeply through tattoos. He is known to be a tattoo maniac. He likes to get a tattoo on every part of his body.

For him, those patterns and words have special meanings, and he wants to impress them firmly on his body.

Peep was born in 1996 and grew up on Long Island, New York. His parents were all Harvard students but divorced when he was a teenager.

During the growth of Peep, his father was not always around. When he was in high school, Peep was often absent from class, but his grades were still very good. Later, he dropped out of high school and obtained a diploma through an online course. Shortly after that, Peep began publishing his own music on youtube and SoundCloud.

In 2013, Peep moved from Long Island to Los Angeles. He gave himself a stage name “Lil Peep” (because his mother always called him Peep), and since then started his own music career.

In 2015, Peep released his first mixtape-Lil Peep; part one”.

It didn’t take long for him to become famous. His single “star shopping” caused great repercussions in the underground hip-hop circle, especially after the release of “bemaer boy”, the popularity of Peep continued to grow.

Peep released the song “Hellboy” in 2016. This song is on youtube and SoundCloud, got millions of plays. Its success directly contributed to Peep’s first personal tour.

As an emerging artist, Peep has gained great popularity on the alternative hip-hop stage.

Tattoo maniac Lil peep is a representative of the crazy spirit. Tattoo and music are both his record of the life and his counterattack to the world. As a result of life, he began to integrate himself with music and tattoo.

He has also been using music to share his concerns with fans, such as mental health.

A friend of Peep once said, “In fact, Peep always wants to speak for those who suffer from anxiety and depression, those who have been abused and bullied, and those who have been misunderstood like him.”

There are many friends who also suffer from mental health problems, and they are comforted in his songs.

I remember there was an interview before. The reporter asked him what he thought about this matter.

He said this, “They told me that my songs have saved their lives and I stopped them from committing suicide. This is a wonderful thing.  I am very happy to hear this news, which is very helpful to me, it inspires me because music has also saved my life.”

Everybody knows, Peep has bipolar disorder and anxiety. He has been fighting suicide.

He died unexpectedly in 2017 also because of overdose.

I often think of his bright smile, but when I think he has left I feel so sad.

Then I thought about it again, what he said in the interview. He said that sometimes he feels lost, but others can’t see that. Because he will not express this on social media. He will only express his mourning side through music.

So you can hear the indescribable sorrow in his works. Such empathy also makes Lil Peep play well in the Emo style that needs the right “sorrow” and can combine it with Hip-Hop.

Dedicated to his most unique style, it is much better than those who are free of disease and groaning. It can be said that Emo Rap is a mountain-style character, so he will be called “Future of Emo”.


I hope he can have less pain in heaven. People who like him will never forget him. People who want to know him can also start to understand from his tattoo.

Tell the truth, there are really too many tattoos on Peep.

The tattoo maniac Lil Peep regards each symbol as a mark in his life and has a specific story at different stages. Now let’s read his story together.

1. A string of English under the hairline

Below the hairline: get cake die yong. He said that when he woke up on a morning and found this tattoo on his forehead, he also forgot when it was tattooed.

2.The word “Peep” on his left arm

His mother called him Peep when he was a child, which is also the origin of his name.

3.Tattoo on belly

November 1st is Peep’s birthday, there is a sad emoji in the o in that love.

4.Behind the left ear: Halloween bat

In an interview, Peep said, “I was born on Halloween night on November 1, so I tattooed bats and pumpkins.”

5.The tattoo on his neck

Peep said the tattoo described the relationship with his mother.

“This is a screaming mother. Whenever something goes wrong in my life, I will call my mother.”

Hellboy is the first mixtape produced by Peep. In addition, Peep also likes the cartoon character Hellboy.

6. A Pink Panther on the left side of the neck


Patterns on his travels in Venice

7.The tattoo on his face

Peep said that he tattooed this to make him look different because many people who like him have similar tattoos (so cute!)

8.A crying Mickey Mouse on his right arm

lil peep‘s tattoo

This is Peep’s favorite tattoo-sad Mickey Mouse, with the word “mood” below. “It describes my low-quality mood with a low-quality tattoo, but this is my favorite.”

9.The tattoo on his left eye corner

The broken heart is Peep’s first facial tattoo, tattooed to inspire himself to create music.

10.The tattoo between his eyebrows

Peep thinks this is his lucky charm

11.The tattoo on his right eyebrow

Peep said this tattoo because he often complained a lot during his childhood. Crybaby is also the name of Peep’s third mixtape.

12.Right cheek: a rose

13.Front chest: daddy


14.The tattoo on the upper chest


Clique refers to those who usually do not allow others to join their own circles, but only like to entertain themselves.

15.Right arm: wine glass


16.Below the right eye: the stars


Representing the fight against the darkness.

17. Left wrist: coffin pattern

Peep's-wrist tattoo

It represents death, and clearly states that death is inevitable.

18. right wrist: letter A


It is speculated that it may be related to Peep’s girlfriend who was dating briefly in 2017, Arzaylea Rodriguez.

19.Left shoulder: St. Peter’s Cross


The St. Peter’s Cross is an “inverted cross” and is considered a symbol of anti-Christianity. When Peter was sentenced to death, he demanded that the cross be turned upside down because he felt that he did not deserve to be crucified like Jesus.

20.Right shoulder: Celtic cross


Celtic cross is related to God, religion, and faith.

21. Left-arm: pattern with a submachine gun in hand


The banner on the wrist read: fuck the Opps.

22.The right side of neck: RIP


23. The right side of the chin: wave pattern

Lil-Peep's tattoo

The wave pattern is a symbol of dreams, emotions, nature, and fantasy, and also represents the ups and downs of life.

24.Back neck: scorpion

Peep's back tattoo

Peep is Scorpio

25. Back: EXIT LIFE

Peep's back tattoo

26. Palm: wavy baby

Lil Peep's tattoo

27. Left temporal bone: burning flag

 Lil Peep's tattoo

This is the same tattoo from Peep and his best friend jody. The two have exactly the same tattoo on their respective right arms.

28.Right arm: BBF RICE

Lil Peep's tattoo

29.Knuckles: Roman numerals

lil peep's tattoo

MCM is born in 1900 and XCVI ‘s year of birth is 96, the combination of the two is 1996, Peep’s birth year.

30.Left hand: playing card suit

lil peep's tattoo

It symbolizes good luck and good luck but also represents fate and even death.

31.Left and right forearm: spider web


The spider web has a double-sided meaning, representing good luck for the coming year, and also a feeling of being trapped under certain circumstances.

32. Right upper arm: tribal pattern

lil peep's tattoo

Covered the name of his ex-girlfriend, Layla

33.Right hand back: Rose



Someone always asks why I like Lil Peep, sometimes I don’t know how to answer it, because everyone’s feelings are different and many things cannot be shared.

But it’s good to say good answers because you can’t help but love someone who feels connected to you from your heart. This is why we love him, now and forever.

lil peep‘s tattooLil-Peep's-tattoo



lil peep‘s tattoo

lil peep's tattoo Lil-Peep's-tattoo


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