“Mistress” of “The World of the Married” tattoo photos exposure, acting originated from life?

Han So-hee- 1

Speaking of the latest hit dramas,

The World of the Married” this family ethics play is tolerant,

The compact plot makes me hooked

Han So-hee

At the beginning of the first episode, the wife discovered that her husband had an affair,

And none of the friends and colleagues around me are sincere to themselves,

The wife has since opened the road of revenge.

Han So-hee

In addition to the plot is a major attraction

The figure of the women and women in the play is also very eye-catching,

In addition to Kim Hee Ae, it has become popular again

The person who attracted the most attention was Han So-hee, who was nicknamed “The Strongest Mistress”!

Han So-hee

At the age of 25, she graduated from Ulsan Girls High School,

Also from this school

“Korean First Beauty” Kim Tae Hee,

“Girl’s Day” member Yura,

Actors Lee Tae Im, Han Chae-A and others,

And Han So-hee is called

The top of “Beauty Gang of Ulsan”,

He was a famous school goddess in his school days.

Han So-hee

A trace of wildness in purity

165 cm tall body

Han So-hee

April 8,

A Taiwanese media exposed Han Suxi ’s old photos,

Subvert her pure image in front of the screen.

Han So-hee

Han So-hee

In the photo, Han Suxi looked at the camera unruly,

There was still a cigarette in his mouth, which seemed very cold and decadent.

In the other photo, Han Suxi was wearing a navel T-shirt,

There are sexy fishing nets on the belly button,

The white arm has a very conspicuous tattoo,

With short hair and smoky makeup,

It feels particularly wild.

Han So-hee

These photos circulated on the Internet

Also listed on the Korean Hot List

Han So-hee

Many netizens said they felt disappointed,

It means you feel cheated after seeing the photos,

There are also many people who say that although she is beautiful,

But if it ’s a girl with tattoos and smoking,

They will don’t appreciate her.

Han So-hee

Some netizens said that Han So-hee has been using the identity of a model before becoming an actor,

After becoming an actor, the tattoo was removal away.

Han So-hee

Although the tattoo has been removed now,

But there are still netizens who think she behaved inappropriately.

Think “not suitable for pretty faces”,

“I don’t think tattoos are bad, but they are still a bit excessive”,

“Of course, it doesn’t matter if you are personally oriented, but because it’s an artist …”,

“Too the opposite image of the past”,

“Seeing the past is shocked”,

“Should not be uploaded on SNS”.

Han So-hee

Of course, there are others on her side,

Thinking there was no reason to cause controversy, everyone said,

“Tattoos are really personal freedom”,

“It should be more forgiving towards women”,

“Choose a very suitable role”,

“Cannot infringe personal freedom” etc.

Han So-hee

Friends around Han So-hee also responded to the tattoo smoking photo,

Said these photos were taken by Han So-hee when he was a model,

For criticism from the outside world,

He also felt distressed to speak for Han So-hee

Han So-hee

“Because there are many people with tattoos,

People who like it do not like people who do not like it,

Everyone has different ideas,

So it cannot be right or wrong. “

Han So-hee

Actually I just want to say,

The body is her own,

She smokes, drinks and burns her head

What does it have to do with some netizens,

Say this is a bad demonstration,

Nor is it illegal or unethical,

What’s wrong?

Han So-hee

Many male stars have large and large tattoos on their bodies,

They will also have no reservations at the concert

Show the body full of tattoos in front of the public,

I have never seen netizens ask them to remove tattoos.

To put it bluntly is to treat it differently.

Han So-hee

Han So-hee’s acquaintance responded that:

“Tolerant treatment of actors,

And it only becomes a problem for actresses,

To be honest, this is a different treatment in itself.

There have been many tattoos recently,

Some people like it, others do n’t,

Because everyone has different ideas,

There seems to be no way to say that this is wrong, or right. “

Han So-hee

Can’t she be an actor if she has a tattoo and smoke??

Has it violated the law or violated the moral bottom line?


So why should you interfere with other people ’s choices,

Fingers to others’ lifestyles?

Han So-hee

Entertainers seem to be bright and beautiful, but actually bear

Many ordinary people can’t bear the mental pressure,

Life attacks, let alone ordinary people,

In fact, most of them are glass hearts and they care about the world.

I do n’t care much about others ’opinions

Can truly reach Kwanda without asking the world!

So in my eyes

Tattoos are armor and artwork

Han So-hee

I am good or not, you only know if you know me,

It is a waste of life to devote every effort to please everyone.

Be yourself and wait for you to really understand me

Only came to be qualified to comment on my life!

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