Rihanna: Tattoo is an irresistible addiction!

Today, let’s talk about Rihanna who is one of my favorite female stars. 



R & B singer from Barbados

Known for her musical talent and fashion sense

Besides singing, she also entered the fashion, film, and television fields.


Her sideline business is very popular. Last year, she was ranked first in the world’s richest female singers.

If I say I don’t envy, then I’m lying. But I have to say that she does have talent.

Talent + effort + temperament + timing

Her success is not accidental


[At the age of 17, the first debut single was released]

She grew up in Barbados, however, her childhood experience was not very pleasant. But she loved singing since she was a child. She has an excellent singing talent and was famous in her hometown,


In 20003, Evan Rogers, a famous music producer came back to Barbados (his wife’s hometown) with his wife for a holiday. During this period, one of his friends recommended Rihanna to Evan Rogers. This producer noticed that Rihanna has talent, so he promised to give her a chance to record a demo.

Then everyone knows what happed to Rihanna later. Her first single “Pon De Replay” was popular once its release in 2005

and became the runner-up in the billboard hot 100 singles chart.

This single made young Rihanna famous in the US in one night.


* Cover of the single “pon de replay”

What’s more, this title song also brought a huge boost for her first album “music of the sun” sales in the same year.

Later, more songs like the “umbrella”, “take a bow”, “live your life” also topped the billboard list many times.

The song “We found love” released in 2011 occupied the list leader for 10 weeks on the US Billboard Singles Chart.

we found love

* The cover image of the single “we found love”

She has got 8 Grand Grammy Awards, 12 National Music Awards, and 23 billboard music awards since her debut as a singer.

Her musical strength is obvious to all.

But her ambition does not stop in the music field.


[Relying on sideline business, while making the world a better place]

She entered the fashion field.

Just look at puma, you can feel her ability to bring goods and design talent.


In 2017, she launched her makeup brand-Fenty Beauty.

The brand is very popular due to its wide tolerance for skin color and gender.


The first batch of products launched more than 40 color foundations. It almost caters to the needs of people of all skin tones.


In 2018, she launched her underwear brand-Savage x, Fenty. The brand’s slogan is “all shapes, all sizes”. She wants her underwear brand to allow every woman to choose the right underwear. Because each body has a unique beauty.



I really like her attitude and thoughts. Both her makeup brand and underwear brand are very diverse and inclusive.

She supports women to live themselves. Beauty is not a single standard. Every woman can have her own beauty. Who wouldn’t love such a nice person?


[Tattoo is an addiction]

In addition to loving music and fashion, she is also fascinated by the tattoo. Tattoos are like an addiction to her

“I like to go to tattoo studios. I’m also very interested in tattoos. It is a complete culture “

Let’s take a look at Rihanna’s tattoos. If there are any omissions, please leave comments ~

1. Right ankle: 1988

Rihanna's tattoo

Rihanna was born in 1988.

2. Right hand: tribal pattern tattoo

Rihanna's tattoo

She got it in New Zealand.

“It stands for power and love. This is the traditional tattoo method. I always wanted one. It hurts so bad “

3. Inside the right wrist: patterned cross

Rihanna's tattoo

4. Under the breast: Egyptian goddess Isis

Rihanna's tattoo

She got it in memory of her late grandmother

“Goddess Isis, the perfect woman, the role model of the future generation, the great goddess who is always in my heart “

5. Left and right ankles: shark & ​​falcon

Rihanna's tattoo

 It is a camouflage shark on the left ankle

It used to be a musical note tattoo on the right ankle and it is covered with a falcon now.

In an interview, Rihanna explained the meaning of this tattoo.

“In the past, they will carve a falcon on the wall because they don’t have another way to call the king in the sky. “

6. left clavicle: small cross

Rihanna's tattoo

7. Left hip: Tibetan “lover”

Rihanna's tattoo

8. Left chest cavity: Queen of ancient Egypt

Rihanna's tattoo

This ancient Egyptian queen has many titles, such as Hereditary princess, great admirer, Elegant lady …

9.  The left side of the neck: a string of English letters.

Rihanna's tattoo

Rebelle Fleur translated as “rebellious flower”

10. Left chest cavity: a string of Arabic letters

Rihanna's tattoo

AI Hurria fi AI Maseeh means “God’s Freedom”

11. Right chest cavity: small pistol

Rihanna's tattoo

12. left shoulder: Roman numerals

Rihanna's tattoo

XI-IV-LXXXVI the translation is 11-4-86

It is the birthday of her best friend and assistant Melissa.

Melissa also tattooed Rihanna’s birthday

13. Inside the right index finger: shhh …

Rihanna's tattoo

14. Left middle finger: love

Rihanna's tattoo

15.Left ankle: a skull with a bow

Rihanna's tattoo

The only colorful tattoo on her body

16. Under the right ear: Pisces symbol

Rihanna's tattoo

This is her first tattoo.

“I got my first tattoo at the age of 17 when I was in Japan.

They need the consent of the guardian, so I called my mother. And she agreed in surprise “

17. Inside the left ear: little star

Rihanna's tattoo

She got this friendship tattoo with her best friend.

“My best friend in Barbados is here. We have to do something crazy. She also has this tattoo “

18. Two-finger joint: thug life

Rihanna's tattoo

This tattoo is white.

A tribute to the legendary rapper-singer Tupac

19. right clavicle: a string of English letters.

Rihanna's tattoo

This sentence is her motto “Never a failure, always a lesson”

This tattoo is reversed so she can see in the mirror.

She once said: ” It’s better to take it as a lesson instead of a failure.”

Rihanna's tattoo

Finally, let me share something she said. I hope we can all be happy this life

“When you realize who you live for and who is important to please you will start real life. I will never be involved. When I look back on my life. I will say that I enjoy it. I live for myself “









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