What should I do after getting a tattoo in the summer ?

This is not my first time to talk about tattoo aftercare tips in my posts. I once shared 6 tips for tattoo aftercare but many tattoo lovers still do not know that it’s more severe to do tattoo aftercare in summer than in winter. 

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# Avoid summer exposure #

Everyone who had tattoo experience knows it’s common sense to prohibit tattoo exposure in the sunshine.

Summer ultraviolet rays are the biggest nemesis of tattoos

Because strong ultraviolet rays will cause the tattoo to blister, even fade.

(After the skin is sunburned, the tattoo will be darker)

Dirty and old tattoos may come from this.

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#Avoid sweating a lot after tattooing #

If you get a tattoo in summer, in addition to prohibiting exposure, you must also avoid a lot of sweating and all outings that make you sweat a lot.

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Sweat from the body and dander on clothes create the best environment for bacteria to breed.

When bacteria multiply, you failed to clean and clean in time, your tattoo area is easy to be infected

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#Maintain ventilation of tattoo areas #

After the tattoo, the tattoo artist will apply the plastic wrap to the tattoo area. The role of plastic wrap is to protect new organizations from external stimulation. But usually after 3-4 hours, y need to remove the plastic wrap. hen rinse off the remaining tissue fluid with water and keep the wound surface clean and ventilated.

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Key knowledge!!!

Never believe that plastic wrap is an important weapon to prevent all bacteria. If the plastic wrap smothers the tattoo area for a long time, it will be the source of bacterial growth

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#Keep the tattoo part clean #

After removing the plastic wrap, wash tissue fluid with water. After rinsing, use a beauty towel or non-alcoholic wet tissue to wipe the skin. Thirty minutes or an hour later when the tattoo is air-dried, you should continue to dry the tissue fluid exuded from the skin. Otherwise, you will fall into an endless loop of scab-skin peeling-penetrate it again.

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#Prohibition of steaming sauna and swimming #

The high temperature in summer makes you just want to stay in the water. Indeed, water has always been a good way for cooling but you can not stay in the water during the recovery period.

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The temperature of the sauna is higher than usual.

In a humid environment not only will the high temperature burn your damaged wounds, it will also minimize the resistance of your skin. Since your pores open during sauna, more bacteria to enter the wound if you suddenly returning to a lower ambient temperature.

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And the swimming pool is a public place, for your tattoo, it will be a bigger test.

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#Prohibition of eating seafood #

Eat seafood food after tattoo will affect your tattoo area. Because certain seafood foods or other food is very easy to cause allergies Allergic wounds can cause red rash which will greatly affect the aesthetics of tattoos.

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In the summer, for tattoos exposed on the outside of the clothes, you should apply aloe vera gel and lotion every day. It is better to apply again before going out. It will be a great respect for tattoos, for yourself

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