Where is the lower-profile position to get tattoos?

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“Something that’s meaningful to you when you’re younger is not going to be meaningful to you five years later. Understand that tattoos are forever. I have a few tattoos. I’m not into them now the way that I was.” said Jessica Alba. Hipsters should be one of the groups that love tattoos. But even so, we will still think twice before getting a tattoo. First, we have to find a pattern that is meaningful or looks good. Then think about which tattoo studio to go and which tattoo artist has good tattoo skills. Apart from this, there is one thing that must not be missed. That is where the tattoo should be located? Especially for the male who want their tattoos to avoid much attention, there are fewer body parts to get a tattoo. I am going to share several body parts with you today. Where is the lower-profile position to get tattoos?

Around the ear

Ear tattoos

Low-profile means avoiding attention or publicity

In fact, you want others to see your tattoo but you don’t want to expose it too casually.

In fact, you want others to see your tattoo but you don’t want to expose it too casually. Although demanding, I have to say it is a good attempt to get a tattoo behind the ears.

Ear tattoos

The shape of each person’s ears and bones is different, which means that you can create a unique pattern based on your ears! It ’s also fun to build a “sunrise at sea” in your ears like this.

Ear tattoos

The position behind the ears is also quite sexy


Ankle tattoos

The ankle is a very popular tattoo position. Because it can be easily obscured when you don’t want to show it. Very suitable for those who are good children, Very suitable for those who behaved like good children at work, but flying themselves at other times!

Feet tattoos

I still don’t recommend you to get such a large tattoo. Because there are many nerves inside the ankle. And the surface of the ankle is relatively uneven, so it will be more difficult to tattoo large patterns.

Ankle tattoos

A little ankle tattoo is super nice wearing Sneakers.


Back tattoos

If you are naked, this part is definitely domineering and high-profile. But the advantage is that clothes can cover it.

Shoulder tattoos

If you don’t like high profile but love large area patterns, then a tattoo on the shoulder and back of the shoulder should be nice. It should be noted that there are also many nerves there.

Tattooed men

Wearing a small vest that seems to inadvertently reveal a shoulder tattoo, you can definitely attract the attention of the girls.


Neck tattoo for men

The neck is a place that people often notice, It’s low-profile without losing the ability to catch the eye. Many people will put the most meaningful patterns here.

Bird tattoo for men

A larger pattern like this is on the side of the neck. Although you can see it at first glance, you will not feel exaggerated.letter tattoo for men

I still recommend this small pattern, Exposed just to the edge of the collar of the shirt, the male hormone burst out.


Finger tattoos

For a while, a letter tattoo on each finger was very popular. It is pretty handsome, but a bit outdated, Those who are usually used to be low-profile should not accept it.Finger tattoos

In fact, you can get a tattoo only on a finger, like GD, and it is located inside.Wolf tattoo for men

What about a cute dog tattoo?

Inside of armTattooed men

Men who have confidence in the muscles of their arms love to get tattoos on this part. Because the tattoo is completely icing on the cake. Charms are spreading between hands! For the size of the pattern, I personally think it should not be too big. The little one is just for embellishment ~

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    Which part will be less painful?

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    Behind the ear tattoos look great

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