Will you get a tattoo of your lover on your body?


The way to express love is varied,Some people slowly melt their lover with gentleness. Of course, some people choose a more direct expression——Transfer, gift, show their love. Of course, in addition to the above several ways, matching tattoos are a popular way to express love by couples.
There was already online about “Will you have a tattoo for your lover?”The answer inside can be said to be amazing.
“I understand very clearly that I love him very much. He is the most special and beautiful thing I have ever met in my life. If we break up, I will not regret it. I want to cherish him and his everything in my life.”
“Broken feelings can’t be consolidated with a needle or a pen. Even if there is no love, they are the gentlest strangers between them.”
“Tattoo is a silent confession to lovers”
Of course, nothing will have 100% consent. Not to mention the controversial tattoo culture.
“Don’t do this kind of thing” ×10!! Because a colleague, every time he will put his lover of the name on his hand, cover it 3 times before and after!!
“No” tattoo is not a child’s play, you need to be responsible for your tattoo!
In fact, regardless of the couple’s tattoo is liked or disliked by the public. I still think that a couple of tattoos are the best way to express love. Because once the tattoo is tattooed, it will not be easily erased. It also represents that this person deserves to be taken seriously in his life.
Your love for the other half, except for your own clarity, tattoos are even silently recorded. If you really want to leave the mark of your present lover on your body. Avoiding portraits and names is the most important thing.These interesting couple tattoo patterns, even if they break up, will not regret the original tattoo.
“Believe me, I will make you the second most happy person in the world. Because I have you, I am the happiest person.”
“As long as I have you around, whether you are rich or not, I am the happiest person in the world.”
‘’We always meet the best love when we don’t know the most love.’’
“To love is to be careful, to be loved is to be sweet.”
“The story is still going on, the road is still very long, it is inevitable that there will be sadness, no matter how you don’t let go.”
“I like that dream, in my dreams, we grow old together.”
“We always meet the best love when we don’t know what is love.”
“Your existence is a miracle for me.”
“I can’t send you flowers at the age of 17, but I hope I can drink with you at the age of 27.’’
In this society of desire, many feelings will be tested. Waiting to find your lover that can really depend on. Being a couple of tattoo together is also a happy thing in life.


3 thoughts on “Will you get a tattoo of your lover on your body?

  1. Avatar PE says:

    For this question, I will never get a tattoo of my lover, It is just not wise.

  2. Avatar Catherine says:

    always has some fun articles and videos, loads of inspiration for tattoo designs too.

  3. Avatar Kris says:

    I have a couple tattoo with my boyfriend, we will marry next spring ?

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